Toy Story

In class, we finished the puppet show presentations. Before, my partner and I presented the last PowerPoint on Toy Story. The reason we chose this movie is because it was our favorite as we were growing up and it is still one of my favorites today. We provided background information like how the release date was on November 22, 1995. This was actually surprising to me because I had no idea the first movie came out before I was born. While researching, I also learned that Toy Story was the first fully computer animated movie which led to many different companies becoming interested in the technology that was used to create the movie. We also mentioned the different awards that this movie won. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie 100% which is EXTREMELY rare. TIME magazine also included the movie in the 25 all-time best animated movies. Toy Story also received 3 Academy Award nominations for best original screenplay, best original score, and best original song for “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Toy Story also received a Special Achievement Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards for best motion picture and best song. The movie was also inducted into the National Film Registry for being culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant. Two other films were made. Toy Story 2 came out in 1999 and Toy Story 3 came out in 2010. A fourth film is set to come out in 2019 and I am very excited to see it. We also mentioned the Disney on Ice: Toy Story. I actually got to see Toy Story on Ice along with several different Disney on Ice shows and I thought it was the coolest thing to see how they acted it out while on ice skates. I also added in the different attractions at Walt Disney World. I have visited Disney World every year with my family since I was three years old. Along with the rides, they also have the characters walking around the park at all times and it still makes me excited to see them! I actually have a scrapbook from the first time I went to Disney World and I have pictures with all of the characters as well as their “autographs.” You can always find Buzz Lightyear walking around in Tomorrowland because it is a space themed portion of the park and Woody and Jessie are usually hanging around Frontierland.  I have also found out that there will be a “Toy Story Land” that will be designed to make people feel like they are tiny. Everything will be oversized, there will be a Slinky Dog roller coaster, and there will be a giant claw game. I can’t wait for all the new Toy Story developments.

We then started on the remainder of the puppet shows.  The first was a version of The Beauty and The Beast. This group used huge colorful stuffed puppets that reminded me a lot of Sesame Street characters.  The second group did a puppet show presentation on the Little Prince. This puppet show stood out to me because their group used a giant planet and rotated it throughout the show to indicate different parts of the story. The planet prop also reminded me a lot of the cover of the book. They were also the first group to play music during their presentation. My favorite presentation was the group that did their puppet show over Cinderella. They turned their puppet show into a street musical and came up with a rap. You can tell this group spent a lot of time on their show and I thought it was extremely creative and entertaining. They definitely thought outside the box when coming up with a way to present their show to the class. I really enjoyed this and I believe many of my classmates did as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the groups put on their puppet shows and I thought this was a great and creative way for us to learn more about these stories. These puppet shows required us to really focus on the story and come up with a way to portray this story to other people in our own creative way. I believed everyone enjoyed this project.



After watching the film “Zootopia,” we were asked to write down one word that we thought described the overall theme of the movie. I decided on the word ‘determination.’ Most people chose words similar to these along with words relating to prejudice. Throughout the movie, we see different ways that the animals are discriminated against. For example, Nick (fox) was portrayed as sneaky as most foxes are. However, we learn that Nick is just as well behaved as anyone else and has always been seen as inferior because of what type of animal.  Judy also faced these problems as a small bunny. Her dream was to become a police officer, however, because of her size, she was repeatedly told that she would never make it as a cop and is just a “dumb bunny.” Judy is able to overcome these obstacles as she graduates police academy and is assigned to work in the city. Upon arrival, she is often dismissed by coworkers and is assigned the job of being a meter maid. To prove everyone wrong, she writes double the amount of parking tickets. Later, she then promises an otter that she will find her husband despite not having permission from the chief. She is told she has 48 hours to live the case or she will be fired. With he help from Nick, she travels around Zootopia making discoveries and eventually finds the missing mammal. She is determined to prove everyone wrong, and comes out on top in the end as the bunny who saved Zootopia. This movie shows children many different types of stereotypes and tells us that we should never judge someone without at least getting to know them first. Everyone should be treated the same and all have equal opportunities.