Diversity in Children’s Book Part ONE

We started class on Thursday, April 20, 2017, with our professor saying that she was proud of our class. For the rest of the class, we did about 20 different books with certain topics. The following are the books and their respective topics as following:

  • “Adrift” for Global Warming,
  • “The Lorax” for Sustainability,
  • “When the sky breaks” for Natural Disasters,
  • “Johnny Tracker and His Adventure” for Agriculture,
  • “13 Reasons Why” for Self-Care,
  • “You’re Old Only Once!” for Old age / Senility,
  • “It’s So Amazing” for Pregnancy,
  • “Tango Makes Three” for Sexuality,
  • “Chocolate Me!” for Racial Diversity,
  • “Malala Yosafza!” for Human Right,
  • “My Name is not Isabella” for Gender Equality,
  • “Separate is Never Equal” for Human Rights,
  • “A Piece of Home” and Family,
  • “The Goodbye Boat” for Death,
  • “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” for Religion and Spirituality,
  • “Poncho Rabbit and the Coyote” for Immigration,
  • “If You Take a Mouse to a Movie” for Holidays,
  • “The Cat and the Hat” and Ethics for Behavior, and
  • “Engineering: The Riveting World of Buildings and Machines” for Science.

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