Toy Story and Puppets

Today I was very excited to go to class at I knew we would continue to see the Puppet show presentations that our class has been working very hard on to complete. Before the puppet shows started though, we got to see an amazing presentation on the movie Toy Story.  I have always enjoyed watching these movie presentations before class but was very excited to see this one as I have grown up watching Toy Story. In this presentation we were given background information of the movie, character analysis, summary on the plot, themes used, awards the film was given, and the impact the movie has had on people. Also, they showed a trailer on the movie. I loved how they incorporated this trailer because it had been a while since I had seen Toy Story and so it refreshed my mind on the storyline. I am also a very visual learner so this kept me entertained and engaged. The background information was very interesting to hear because before this presentation I was unaware on many facts behind the film. This includes that the budget for the film was $30 million but the box office earned $373 million from the film. I learned that the themes from this movie were friendship, perseverance, loyalty, and identity. I loved these themes because they are great lessons one needs to learn at an early age. The movie also has a rating of 100% on rotten tomatoes which is a very hard feat to achieve. After this film was created, many industries were interested in the technology that has been used for this film. Overall, I highly enjoyed this presentation on Toy Story and think the producers of it did an amazing job on it.

Next we shifted our focus to the Puppet shows. As my group and I had already performed the class before, I was excited just to sit back and observe the productions the other groups were to put on. The first Puppet Show for today was an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne – Marie Leprince de Beaumont. Some of the characters that were portrayed by puppets included the sisters, Beauty, and the Beast. They also had a narrator moving the play along. I liked how this group used giant stuffed puppets and background pictures. These puppets were very colorful and enhanced their visual display greatly. In the end of the play, the curse broke and Beauty and the now Prince lived happily every after. This group did a great job on their puppet show.

The next group to perform did an adaptation on the Little Prince. This group used stick puppets and had a grand background display that they had hand painted. I thought this background prop was very original and very cool. They also has soothing music playing in the background as their play went on. I very much so also enjoyed this play and think this group did an amazing job presenting the Little Prince through puppets.

After the Little Prince puppet show, a group presented Snowballs Apples which was an interpretation of Snow White. This group was very creative with their puppets and kept the crowd engaged by their descriptive script and imagery. This group was very prepared and it showed as the story progressed. I enjoyed watching it.

The group doing Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella was next to perform. I found this play very entertaining as they put their own spin on it and made it into a street musical. The narrator rapped the script the whole play. The puppets they used were also very creative. This group definitely spent a lot of time practicing their play.

Lastly, a group presented their adaptation of Juniper Tree. Their puppets consisted of paper bags that they drew on and added faces too. This group had an amazing script and keep the audience engaged the whole time.

All the groups did an amazing job displaying their stories through puppets. One can tell they spent lots of time practicing and preparing to get their puppet shows just right. I enjoyed watching every single group put their own twist on each story. These puppet shows has been able to bring out people’s creativeness and personalities. I am looking forward to the next class period as we will continue having groups perform these puppet shows.


2 thoughts on “Toy Story and Puppets

  1. I really liked seeing the puppet shows, too. It was great how much the presentations varied, some being extremely light-hearted and comical, others more somber, and others downright dark, like the Snow Glass Apples one. That puppet show adaptation of Snow White actually made me curious about Neil Gaiman’s book and I added it to my to-read list.


  2. The puppet show for the little Prince was extremely accurate and funny. They used a variety of props and made it very enjoyable to watch. The adaptation of Snow White was the story my group did and it was in my opinion one of the most interesting adaptations. The presentations were all very comical today and they were easy to watch!


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