Bee Movie and Puppet Shows

In today’s class, we started with a discussion over a few housekeeping issues. We are nearing the end of the semester, which means that grades are going to post very soon. Class participation and respectfulness are going to be factored into final grades. Also, the course evaluation is open and should be filled out as soon as possible and with as much honesty as is possible.

Following this discussion, we had a wonderful presentation over Bee Movie. The presenters described a few facts about the movie, such as the fact that it was released in 2007 and made $287.6 million dollars in the box office. Next, they reviewed the plot of the movie, which is as follows: Barry B. Benson is a bee who has just graduated from college and is about to begin work as a worker bee in the colony. While he is out with the other bees, he meets Vanessa Bloome, a florist, after she saves him from being squashed by her boyfriend. He speaks with her and thus breaks the rules of the colony, but they become friends regardless. After Barry has been out in the human world, he realizes that humans are making a large profit off of the honey that he and his fellow bees make and is angry about it. He and his fellow bees file a lawsuit against the big honey companies, which they win. After winning the trial, the bees have no jobs due to a honey stockpile, and therefore, honey production stops and the flowers have no way to get pollenated. This creates an environment in which the flowers are rapidly dying. Barry and Vanessa begin a journey to save the flowers, and in the end, all is well. The day is saved by Barry the bee (and eventual bee lawyer) and Vanessa!

The group also enlightened us to a few controversies surrounding the movie, but the most interesting part of the presentation was the discussion of memes and the internet’s fascination with this strange movie. There have been countless YouTube videos making fun of the movie and memes that make fun of the characters themselves. Despite these funny internet shenanigans, there is one that tops them all. There is a conspiracy theory that links the characters of Bee Movie with a few characters on iCarly, implying that Barry and Vanessa have a child and that child is Freddie Benson from iCarly. The actor who played Freddie ultimately “confirmed” the conspiracy via Twitter, but the jury is still out on the authenticity of those claims…

After this fabulous presentation, the puppet shows began. Today, four groups presented their shows, and there were laughs all around. First, a show of Little Red Riding Hood by Roald Dahl featured precious puppets made from popsicle sticks and paper. The characters went through their plot which featured the Wolf, Grandma, and Little Red Riding Hood herself. Though Grandma wasn’t so lucky, Red escaped with the help of a gun and a little confidence. This presentation got many laughs and was very well written and performed.

Appropriately, the next show was based upon The Three Little Pigs by Roald Dahl. In the same way, this presentation was wonderful. The puppets were made from paper bags and worked very well for the show. The show followed three pigs and their attempts to escape the Wolf with his huffing and puffing. His first two brothers were not so lucky, but the third pig was able to escape thanks again to Red and her gun. As with the first, this presentation was very funny and adapted well to today’s modern conveniences, as shown in the third pig’s cell phone.

Third, we were treated to a performance of Snow White by The Brothers Grimm. These were my favorite puppets, especially the 7 Dwarves in all their gloved glory. This story ended just as fortunately as The Brothers Grimm intended, which the death of the Stepmother. I believe, however, that the 7 Dwarves stole the show.

Lastly, there was a rendition of The Happy Little Prince. This group showed a great artistic ability with their puppets, and gave a great performance of this story. There was even a small change of season in this performance, shown by the throwing of paper and the exclamation “winter!”. The ending, however, was no happier than originally written. Both the Happy Little Prince and the bird died, despite their best efforts.

Today’s class was filled with laughter and a lot of fun moments. I am sure that the next round of puppet shows will not disappoint!


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