The Wizardly World of Harry Potter – April 6

Today’s class started out with two presentations one involving paw patrol and the other being Tom and Jerry, followed by discussion about the novel and Harry Potter.

Paw Patrol being the first presentation, was interesting in the least, being one of the first animations that did not involve a movie but instead a series of seasons. Each of which depicted different episodes of a different incident all involving a similar theme in terms of rescue and action. The story revolves around a young boy named Ryder and seven rescued puppies, all of which have their own specialty in mission control and rescue. The show pertains to an audience aimed at younger kids, most likely to teach these young children about morals and what is the right thing to do given a situation that needs help.

The second presentation revolved around Tom and Jerry, which is nostalgic in the least when referring back to childhood memories. It was interesting to note the fame and popularity of this series, as well as the unique history behind the show itself. The show revolves around Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, two individuals with a reverse role in what you could call chase and capture, along with the amusing entertainment it brings to the audience with the slapstick comedy. The history of this show was profound, introduced at various times throughout history, often in forms of rebooting, continuations, and new season. All of which did not succeed, as well as its previous ancestor. This goes to show how successful the series was and how it is still relevant to todays entertainment, years after it was introduced.

Moving on from the Presentations, was discussion about Harry Potter and the first glimpse into the world of Witchcraft and Wizardly. Discussion started talking about what the genre of the book was, most answers consisting of fantasy and adaptions of fantasy such as science fiction. This further dwelled into what were examples of this cross over, which included dragons. unicorns, as well as credit to actually people  such as Melin. One major characteristic of the genre of this novel included magic and the world of Magic, and how it relates to the character.

Harry as the main character at first glimpse seems to be a deprived boy who essentially is driven as a slave in the home of his own blood relatives after his parents were defeated by Voldemort, this is not until a letter arrives for him inviting him into the school of Hogwats for Witchcraft and Wizardly.

Harry in generally is further discussed in terms of personality and different traits that he has, essentially characterizing who he is as a person and his evolution into a timid shy boy who knew nothing of what he is capable of into someone of greater deeds and power. This was apparent when talking about reading the series of novels in different order and skipping certain ones such as the first novel. The first novel in general is very important, which is apparent when one wants to learn and know about the introduction into this mysterious world of magic and how it came to be.

The first novel as stated is essentially the most important due to the introduction aspect of it, in order to get a gist and a sense of the book and how it is made as well as the characters and important character development that occurs within the book.

Introduction of characters plays a major role in the first novel, as well as omens and the significance of them that could lead to foreshadowing events. One of which is apparent in the first scene with Harrys visits the Zoo and his encounter with the Snake and the ability to speak with the snake. One omen that foreshadows what happens in the future in particular the second novel in this series, as well as the end of the series for curious readers out there.

Overall the first few chapters gives the audience an insight of Harry’s life and how he got there, as well as what is to happen now that his secrets and his past are unraveled. This in turn will lead us to see how the character will progress through out the novel and what roles he will take on, as well as challenges he may face. All of which dictate under a world of imagination, magic, adventure, courage, and mystery.


One thought on “The Wizardly World of Harry Potter – April 6

  1. I loved reading your blog. Today’s class excited me because I very much so enjoy Tom and Jerry and Harry Potter. The two movie presentations were great to me. While I enjoyed both equally, I grew up watching Tom and Jerry so I was fascinated on hearing the background information that was given. I also enjoyed watching the video clip. For Harry Potter, I was very excited to dive into this because because this is my favorite series that I have grown up reading and watching. I agree that this first book is the most important because it goes into background details that are the platform for the continuing books in this series. It is interesting to read it now at an older age and notice the differences between the book and the movie. I liked how the first few chapters gave details on Harry’s life which allowed you to have a great knowledge early on about him. Overall, I loved class today and the discussions we had!


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