March 28, 2017

On March 28th we went over the first five chapters of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The book starts off with character named Huckleberry Finn, or Huck for short, a rich kid that cannot talk too good that came from a drunk father. He is narrating a story about him and his life. Huckleberry stays with Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson, two wealthy sisters whom adopted Huck. Throughout chapter one, Miss Watson wants to teach Huck about religion and the affects is can have if he continues to have a bad behavior. Tom Sawyer, Huck friend, influences huckleberry bad behavior.

Chapter two goes into a continuance of Huckleberry and Tom friendship and the trouble they make. Tom is trying to mess with Jim, Miss Watson slave, as Huck tries to avoid getting caught. However Tom does not listen and leads Jim to a story of how a witch took Tom hat. Tom and Huck meet up with some other boys to make plans on kidnapping people to make money at the end of the chapter.

After a night out with Tom, Huck is stuck with being punished for messing up his outfit. However chapter 3 main points was that the two sisters, Miss Watson and Widow Douglas wants Huckleberry to understand the points of God, showing him why it is important to pray. Later through the chapter Huck finds out his dad died and was found in the river.

Chapter 4 and 5 goes into detail about Huck and Pap relationship. Pap was Huck father. He was a drunk, uneducated, who was jealous of how Huck became on education. Pap would take advantage of Huck, from trying to demand money to being abusive. Pap would go to jail at the end of chapter 5, and have a bad impression on the new judge and Widow Douglas.

In class we began to have an open discussion on uses of certain words in the book. We wanted to decide if these words promote certain values and outlooks to children. My personal opinion would be it could help show children how the world has been in the past and where the world could go in later life. These words give an open view of how people can act but also show children how to avoid these bad judgments. Children over ten should know what certain words are and how it can affect people if used. But also how these words can shape a person to face ignorance from others because the word could still be used today, so if children are aware it can help them get over of how they are treat to make a change.

We continue discussion with a comparison of how this book and the actions of Huckleberry can be compared to Pinocchio. We notice they acted the same with them starting to go down the wrong path with bad behavior. They both did not want to listen to those whom loved them and wanted the best for them. However, at the end of the story, Huckleberry and Pinocchio began to see that their actions were not worth the trouble they had to go through. An example of this was huckleberry and Tom relationship. Tom created a lot of trouble for Huckleberry and at the end they was not even friends any more.

Our last class discussion was could this book have a slave narrative, we determine that was a no. This book did not have a major potion of the lives of slaves. Even though sections explained what Jim, the slave went through because of Huck actions; it still could not count for slave narrative.

My last topic of this blog is the presentation of the Storks. However, I cannot talk about it due to my absent of the presentations. I had a tardy today in class and was not able to receive a copy of the PowerPoint.


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