After watching the film “Zootopia,” we were asked to write down one word that we thought described the overall theme of the movie. I decided on the word ‘determination.’ Most people chose words similar to these along with words relating to prejudice. Throughout the movie, we see different ways that the animals are discriminated against. For example, Nick (fox) was portrayed as sneaky as most foxes are. However, we learn that Nick is just as well behaved as anyone else and has always been seen as inferior because of what type of animal.  Judy also faced these problems as a small bunny. Her dream was to become a police officer, however, because of her size, she was repeatedly told that she would never make it as a cop and is just a “dumb bunny.” Judy is able to overcome these obstacles as she graduates police academy and is assigned to work in the city. Upon arrival, she is often dismissed by coworkers and is assigned the job of being a meter maid. To prove everyone wrong, she writes double the amount of parking tickets. Later, she then promises an otter that she will find her husband despite not having permission from the chief. She is told she has 48 hours to live the case or she will be fired. With he help from Nick, she travels around Zootopia making discoveries and eventually finds the missing mammal. She is determined to prove everyone wrong, and comes out on top in the end as the bunny who saved Zootopia. This movie shows children many different types of stereotypes and tells us that we should never judge someone without at least getting to know them first. Everyone should be treated the same and all have equal opportunities.


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