3/2/2017 Zootopia Discussion

Today we discussed social and personal themes from the movie Zootopia (and turned in our Midterm essays).

We were asked to write down a one-word theme of the movie and then two volunteers separated the small post-it notes into the categories of “Personal” and “Social” on the whiteboard. Soudabeh would read a theme and ask the person who wrote it what they thought about it and we had discussion based on that.

We spent a lot of time on the themes of prejudice and discrimination because the movie touched on that a bunch. There were many references to Judy Hopps in particular with other animals looking down on her calling her “just a bunny” and “dumb bunny” as words to put her in the pigeon-hole that society felt she belonged in.

The conversation shifted a bit to real life matters happening in the USA today and Soudabeh shared her personal beliefs and reasons for coming to the USA from her home country of Iran. We spoke about democracy, voice, and freedom of speech and how important those country traits are. We also spoke about the fragile balance in society these traits bring up.

We didn’t talk about personal themes as much because we ran out of time but we did touch on the themes of courage and persistence that Judy Hopps displayed throughout the movie.


One thought on “3/2/2017 Zootopia Discussion

  1. I loved the discussion we had as a class about Zootopia. The issues in which we as a class talked about are important to every single one of us in class. I believe that is very important to relate what we read/watch to issues that go on today. Most times art imitates life, vice versa, so it is important to discuss the realities of characters in class.


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