2/28/2017 Zootopia

In class on February 28, 2017 we watched the second half of the movie Zootopia. Zootopia is an Oscar winning animated film. The Movie follows a bunny cop, Judy Hopps. Judy is a small bunny who believes that she can do anything and sets out to prove all those who don’t believe in her wrong.

The last scene of the movie we watched on Thursday was when Hopps and the Fox (Nick) had found the limo that once had Otterton in it. The back seat was torn to shreds and Hopps was afraid. The pair were caught by the limo owners and taken to Mr. Big. The opening scene at Mr. Big’s home is where we began on Tuesday. Mr. Big originally had plans to “ice” the pair but learned that Hopps had saved his daughter so decided against it.

Mr. Big tells the pair that it was Otterton who went crazy, and scared the limo driver, Mr. Manchas half to death. Hopps and Nick set out to the rainforest district. When they arrive at Mr.Manchas house, he soon turns savage. They run for their lives and end up making it out. They go to check the security cameras to see what happened to Mr. Manchas when they can’t find him and see what they believe to be night howlers take him away. The pair follow the trail and end what seems to be a holding cell for savage animals.

Inside they see the Mayor and over hear him talking to a researcher. All of the animals in quarantine seemed to be predators that had turned savage. The researcher says it may be time to consider biology. Hopps calls for back up and the entire team at the facility gets arrested.

After this event Judy held a press conference and becomes a Zootopia hero. During her press conference she says that all of the missing animals that have turned savage are predators and it may be time to consider their biology, sending the public into a tizzy. Judy feels responsible for the divide in the city and decides to quit and return home. Judy wanted to be a hero, not the reason the city was driven apart.

When Judy returns home she begins working on the carrot farm. Her parents tell her that had it not been for her they would have never worked with a fox (Gideon Grey the fox who beat her up when she was young). During a conversation with them it becomes clear that any animal can go savage, even a bunny and that night howlers weren’t the wolves that carried Mr. Manchas away, rather a plant. Judy hops in the car and returns to the city with this news.

When Judy returns she finds Nick and apologizes about her press conference. Nick forgives her and they reopen their investigation. They find the night howler lab inside of an old train car. They battle but ultimately escape, destroying almost all of the evidence. With the remaining evidence, and quick thinking Nick and Hopps are able to get to the bottom of who is behind the outbreak of savage animals. Mayor Bellwether is arrested and the savage animals are returned back to their original non savage state.

There are many different messages within the movie. One message that was certainly present throughout the entirety of the movie is to believe in yourself and you will achieve. From the beginning Hopps is faced with negative reactions towards her desire to be a cop. After a school play a local fox (Gideon) beats her up and tell her she’ll never make it. As she grows up even her own parents don’t believe in her. Once she becomes the first cop she is put to work as a parking maid, a measly job in terms of police work. Judy momentarily gives up but ultimately remembers why she became a cop. By never giving up on her dreams Hopps was able to save Zootopia. Another lesson in Zootopia is that no good deed should be underestimated. If officer Hopps hadn’t stopped the donut from rolling over the mouse village, her story would have most likely ended by being iced in Mr. Big’s office.  

However, I believe this movie speaks to so much more than just believing in yourself or doing good! I think the most important message to take away is to not judge a book by its cover. The animals in this film are plagued with preconceived notions of who they are based on ancestral patterns. In the beginning of the movie we see the clear judgment of foxes with the fox spray. As the movie carries on we see the judgement of animals based on predator vs. prey. The writer of Zootopia are paralleling this to the prejudices in America related to race. Zootopia aims to break down walls and show that all people need to be treated equally.

I think Zootopia is a great movie, with an incredible message behind it. It was without a doubt deserving of the Oscar it recently received. This film is one that all ages should watch, hear the message, and take it to heart.


2 thoughts on “2/28/2017 Zootopia

  1. I really like your blog post for this day of class. I think it was very informative of everything we did in class, while giving a good summary of what happened in the second half of the movie. I like how you summarized what you took from the movie and why you think that message was important. I agree with you in terms of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I think this plays along the lines of stereotyping in the movie, as well as how it relates to today’s society. In the movie, there was a lot of stereotyping regarding predators vs. prey from start to finish. The prime example was when Judy Hopps mentioned biology during the press conference, which caused the huge divide in Zootopia between the predators and the prey. The parallel that you described in your post is a good example to how this movie portrays a theme that relates to real life. In today’s society, there is a lot of stereotyping in the world whether it’s between genders, race, religion, ethnicity, etc., so I believe this movie is a great example for all ages to see and better understand what a divide can do to the world.


  2. It was very nice reading about how you recapped about zootopia and your comments about many of the different meanings behind the books, which i agree with you to much extent. Especially the last one about no judging a book by its cover which is a very mainstream problem that is present in a lot of everyday lives.


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